So you wanna play in tournaments…

The OLBA (Ontario Lawn Bowling Association) has divided the province into 16 districts with 117 clubs. Our club is a member of District 14. There are many tournaments every year throughout Ontario and they are a great way to see the beauty of the province and to meet new people.

Every year “The Annual” is created and posted on the OLBA site. This document lists the location and contact information for each club and the tournaments they are hosting. There are many different types of tournaments: Singles, Pairs, Triples, 4’s, 2-4-2; for Men, Women, Mixed teams, experienced and Novice (bowling for 5 years or less). For a complete list of OLBA tournaments see the link below.

To enter a tournament you contact the host club and request an entry. You must provide your contact information and the club you belong to and your team members (though this is not always required before the day of the tournament.)

Tournaments are labelled by:

Gender – M, W, O (open to any gender), Mx (mixed – male and female)

Type – S (singles), P (pairs), T (triples), F (fours)

Experience – Nv (novice), Sr (senior)

Therefore a MxP is a pairs tournament with a male and female player, while a Nv OT is a triples tournament open to any gender but all must be novice. There are many other combinations so if you are confused, please ask.