A letter from The President regarding COVID-19 and the Bowling season.

March 26, 2020

Good afternoon fellow Lindsay bowlers:

What a strange situation we find ourselves in. Never before have we known this way of living. But we must persevere until the danger has passed and all is well again. In the meantime it is not ‘life as we know it’. We must concern ourselves with our safety and well being, and the safety and well being of others, and follow the guidelines as set out by our medical experts.

It does appear, though, that it will take a lot more time to rid ourselves of this pandemic. As you probably know all major sports events have been either cancelled or postponed. No gatherings of large numbers of people can take place. Even some churches have cancelled their Sunday services and meetings until future notice.

Lawn bowling is also affected. Bowls Canada has cancelled all international competitions as well as National competitions for 2020. The Ontario Lawn Bowls Association (OLBA) has suspended all OLBA sanctioned activities, such as, District and Provincial playdowns, all clinics, camps and seminars. No bowling at our clubs until such time as we are given clearance by the Government. This means a delay to the opening of our lawn bowling season but I feel certain that we will have a lawn bowling season albeit a shorter one.

In the meantime we have to prepare and maintain our greens. They cannot be left to deteriorate, become over grown and allow the weeds to take over. They have to be fertilized, watered, cut, etc. There is a lot of labour that goes into maintaining our greens and we will just have to do as much of it as we can by ourselves.

As to how long this delay will be is anybody’s guess! All we can do, at this point in time, is to wash your hands often, stay at home, keep your distance (2m) and wait. I will keep you posted as we learn of new developments.

President Keith