Lawn Bowling Etiquette

Etiquette in Lawn Bowling is simply defined as good sportsmanship and common courtesy.

  1. Dress appropriately. Flat soled shoes are required.
  2. Shaking hands with teammates and opponents at the beginning and the end of the game is customary.
  3. No matter how competitive the game may be, always compliment a good shot – whether by your own team or your opponents. Similarly, do not criticize a bad shot; no one willfully plays a bad bowl.
  4. Admit a “fluke shot” in good spirit.
  5. Do not distract a player who is preparing to deliver a bowl. Stand back and speak quietly.
  6. Be ready to play when you turn comes. Stay “in the game”.
  7. Following the bowl you have delivered up the green can obstruct your opponent’s view. Avoid this habit.
  8. When changing ends, walk well within the boundaries of your own rink.
  9. Players must stand at least 6 feet behind the jack when standing in the head. Any movement can be distracting, stay motionless when you are at the head.
  10. Do not openly criticize the condition of the green, particularly if you are visiting another club.
  11. Make every effort to protect the green by delivering the bowl smoothly.
  12. Leads are responsible for pushing the bowls at the conclusion of the end. Do your share.
  13. When the game is over, help to return mats, jacks and other equipment to the storage place.
  14. Be a gracious winner and a good loser