The Lindsay Community Lawn Bowling Club

There are references to the sport of “bowls” being enjoyed in Lindsay since the late 1800s. The first reference to a bowling green indicates that it was located where the Public Library now stands. This land was taken over by the town in 1903 and the bowlers moved to St. Mary’s church property. It was forced to move again when that property was taken over for a school. In 1914 three greens were established between St. Paul’s Anglican Church and the Rectory.

In 1921 as membership steadily increased, the bowlers approached the town for permission to build greens on new parkland which had been bequeathed to the town by Mr. White who lived at 9 Albert Street North. Five founding fathers, A. J. Brennan, J. B. Boxall, Frank Carew, James Mackey and William Alley each put up $200.00 to finance the project. It took 3 years to build the greens as work was done by volunteer members with little knowledge on the proper construction of a Green. A clubhouse was built behind the original White residence, but as time went on the members wanted a more modern facility. In 1967, work on the new clubhouse was started under the direction of LCVI teacher Phill Caddick by the students as part of their high school curriculum. Many happy years were enjoyed at the green behind Central Senior School.

In the 1980s the town was growing and the Fair Grounds wanted a larger property. The students at LCVI used the track at the Fair Grounds so when the Fair Grounds moved, LCVI needed space to construct their own track. After many years of negotiations between the Town, the Board of Education and the Lawn Bowling Club an agreement was reached that the Lawn Bowling Club would move to the south end of Elgin Street Park. Greens were built and the club house building moved to its present location in 1992 where the Lindsay Community Lawn Bowling Club still flourishes.

New members are always welcome.