2019 Results

Value Mart Mixed Trebles
September 19, 2019

Winners from left to right:Skip, Fred Thompson (Oshawa); Lead Sydney Godin; Vice Rick Barnard (Campbellford.

Investors Group Mixed Trebles
September 11, 2019

The winners from left to right: Presenting Nancy Stinson from IG Wealth Management, Vice Sue Tidsbury, skip Bob Guppy, lead Carolyn Armstrong

Tewksbury/McKay Tournament
September 9, 2019

The winners from Midland, left to right, Skip Cindy Higgins, Lead Betty Robitaille presented by Mary McKay representing Tewksbury/McKay.

In House Pairs Tournament
September 7, 2019

1st Place : Muriel Bryant, Kathy Wakelin
2nd Place : Sue Tidsbury, Bruce Rogers

Labour Day Jitney
September 2, 2019

2 game High: Keith Olan, Ted Jenkins, Owen Smith
2 game second: Marion Chisholm, John Ridgers, Marie Ferguson
1 game High: Gord Travis, Betty Ryall, Pat Strickland

Scotia Bank Mixed Trebles
August 28, 2019

The Winners from left to right; Lead Muriel Bryant, Skip Suzie Palmer, vice Roland MacKey

Provincial Novice Trebles
August 25, 2019

Gold medalists: Trevor Cleland, Rhys Warren, Gord Travis

Stewart Morrison Insurance
Mixed Pairs
August 19,2019

The winners from left to right; Lead Darlene McIntyre, Skip Wayne Skyvington, Presenter Laurie Chambers of Stewart Morrison Insurance.

Annual Singles Tournament
August 17, 2019

The winners: Ladies, Theresa Duhamel; Gentlemen, Chad Burgie
Runners up: Ladies, Darlene McIntrye; Gentlemen, Steve Millard

Aprons n’ More
Mixed Trebles
August 12, 2019

The winners from left to right; Cosburn Park: Vice Chrystal Sheppard, Lead Frank Hibbs, Skip Laila Hassan

Civic Day Mixed Trebles
August 5, 2019

Overall winners from left to right Vice Catherine Henning, lead Calvin Smith, Skip Patricia Tolmie

1 game high Kitty Stone, Ted Jenkins, Diane Tremeer

2nd 2 game winners Joan Harper, Joan Ridgers, Dorothy Resar/Joan Mercer

Canadian Tire Mixed Trebles
July 22, 2019

From left to right: Ship Gord Travis, Lead Tracey Warren, Vice Larry Brown (Orillia)

Manley Motors Mixed Pairs
July 14, 2019

From left to right: Skip Bob Matthews (Oshawa), lead Jan Bauer (Lindsay)

Mackey Mixed Trebles
July 3, 2019

From left to right : Alison Lynch of Mackey Funeral Home presenting the trophy to this years 3 game winners. Vice Kathy Bosley, Skip Bill Bosley and Lead Brenda Burt.

Canada Day
July 1, 2019

1 game High – Gord Travis, Pat Strickland, Clark Jewell
2nd two game winners – Kitty Stone, Maureen Guppy, Betty Ryall
1st Place two game winners – Art Andersen, Rhys Warren, Calvin Smith

DeNure Tours Tournament – Mon. June 17/19

The winners – a team from Lindsay
Lt to Rt.  Muriel Bryant (vice), Becki Jory presenting the plaque on behalf of DeNure Tours, Shelley McCartney (lead) and Roy McCartney (skip)

Victoria Day
May 20, 2019

1 Game High – Cori Millard, Doug Simmonds, Dave Wakelin
2nd two game winners – Trevor Cleland, Joan Harper, Ray Duhamel
1st place two game winners – Brenda Burt, Theresa Duhamed, Steve Millard