Duties of a Vice/Third

What is my role as a third?

Harmony: It is essential the third works in complete harmony with the skip and members of the lawn bowls team.

Be in charge of the head when skips are bowling or in absent of the skip.

  • If delegated to measure for shot and decide with the opponent the number of shots and signal the result to skip and the second,
  • Help to return bowls to a safe position behind the mat at the conclusion of ach end,
  • Must know and be able to identify the teams and opponent’s bowls,
  • Answer the skips queries correctly and concisely.

Experience & Ability: Apart from being experienced in all shots from the draw to the drive, they must also be able to quickly indicate the position of the head or bowls when asked for this information.  

Control & Advice: The thirds should not attempt to control the skips play, and refrain from offering advice unless pacifically asked for by the skip. Idle Chatter:

Other Attributes:

  • Must be able to act as the director of the head,
  • Be able to determine the shot quickly when asked,
  • Able to indicate the up or down position after the skips bowls comes to rest,
  • Should always know who holds second and third shots,
  • Must always be aware of the position of bowls in the head when its his turn to play but under no circumstances pre-empt the skips instructions,
  • Must observe all shot measurements and where in doubt recheck the measurement,
  • It is vital that the third has a thorough knowledge of the laws of the game, conditions of play and the etiquette of the game.

Etiquette The third should discourage any interruption by the lead or second when directing or measuring at the head.